A Curse upon the Saints

As one war draws to a close, an ancient enemy returns with a vengeance.

The Nasirians are one battle away from winning an eight-year holy war. As they lay siege to the pagan city of Silverwic, the deadly Sarbarah emerge with fire in their eyes. The "goat-men" once enslaved the human race for thousands of years, and they aren't interested in Silverwic alone. They want to reconquer everything they've lost and retake humanity.

Cynical soldier Nurik suspects his mentor Cardinal Renwick has forged an alliance with the goat-men. He must join forces with his idealistic sister and a devoted father to stop the alliance, retrieve a relic stolen for a demonic cult, and confront the new threat to mankind. Failure to unite humanity against the slavers could rid the world of freedom for good.

A Curse Upon the Saints is the first installment in a series of epic fantasy novels that feature religious conflict, magic, and a war of good versus evil. If you like captivating worlds, religious undertones, and compelling creatures, then you'll love J. Rutger Madison's debut fantasy epic.

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